Buy OG KUSH Marijuana Seeds Online

Buy OG KUSH Marijuana Seeds Online


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OG Kush is from California and is known worldwide for its distinct aroma and powerful effects. OG Kush is a unique strain that cannot be compared with other cannabis strains. The actual genetics of OG Kush are unknown and there is some debate as to its name. Some claim it means Original Gangster, but others think it means Ocean Grown, due to its origins.



Probably the most well known strain of recent years OG kush is for many people the perfect Kush. The initial aroma when you harvest is the classic earthy/skunky scent that is cut with a more acrid fuel note. However, once the buds have dried and cured the smell and taste are much more well rounded giving an equal mix of sweet/sour/skunk and spice. Once you fire it up for the first time you will know why it is many peoples first choice. A crisp clean head rush is rapidly followed by an overwhelming sense of calm and well being. But given another few hits and half an hour a heavy couch lock headstone kick into full effect.


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